Tractor & Play Dough Birthday Party Fun!

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Henry turned 3 last Friday and he had his birthday party on Saturday.

It was a lot of fun!

All Henry wanted for his birthday was a Tractor Cake.

Instead of carving a cake into the shape of a tractor, I decided to go the route of giving him a new tractor on his cake.

Henry couldn’t wait to cut the cake to take the tractor out, and pulled the stuck tractor out of the frosting right away. (Maybe with a little coaxing from his Uncle.)

For some fun at the party, my Mom and I made play dough for the kids to play with. And enough for each kid to take one home too!

I set out tractors, wagons, and all sorts of machinery for the kids to use in the play dough.

I also set out popsicle sticks (the kind with notches so you can build something), toothpicks, and some cookies cutters and rolling pins.

The boys mostly gravitated towards the machines.

The girls got a little more creative with the play dough.

Cooking, balls, and who knows what else!

Even the littler ones got in on the fun and helped smash together all the colors!

There was teamwork, too.

For lunch we had a field sack lunch:

  • Deli sandwiches wrapped in baggies
  • Cut veggies in baggies
  • Veggie Dip in baby food containers
  • Cut fruit in baggies
  • Fruit Dip in baby food containers
  • Snack size bag of chips
  • Juice boxes

Instead of paper plates, I used white paper sacks (we have them readily available from the bakery).

Everyone just grabbed a sack, and picked up each baggy or container of food to eat.

Cleanup was a breeze!

There was cake and ice cream for dessert, of course!

We even got a quick family snapshot taken!

(These are very hard to come by here!)

Check out the Birthday Wreath Henry and I made together, too!

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  1. OneMommy says

    Cute! My son turns 2 next month and loves cars… I was debating between a car shaped cake and just putting cars on it; I'm leaning towards just putting the car on top since it was a hit with your little guy. And homemade playdoh rocks!

  2. Honeybee says

    Happy Birthday, Henry! My son just turn 1 last month. The double-chin-boy in red-white shirt and rosy cheek is cute! Little chubby boy is cute, but when boys grow up and he's still chubby, people don't say it's cute anymore. =)
    Helen Mirren Flat Stomach: Age is Not a Limit to Get Fit

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