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A quick setup for toddlers for tracing numbers that works on recognizing numbers and also is great practice writing for older preschoolers and even kindergartners.

I taped numbers on the floor with painters tape.

We’re huge on using tape in our house. I use it for a lot of activities with the kids. Everyone asks, is it going to ruin my floors? The answer is, I don’t know. Try it in a small spot if you’re worried about it. I’ve never had troubles with painter’s tape, except in areas where my finish is almost worn through already.

With that said, I taped numbers 1 through 9 across the floor, pretty large.

I gave George washable markers for tracing the numbers. Very important to use washable markers, and even more so, I recommend Crayola Washable Markers (affiliate link). They really do just wipe right off.

Tracing Numbers on Tape - it wipes right off!

George chose a number and traced it. He had no idea what the number was. So we took a step back and look at the lineup and went through them all, saying what they all were, hopping from one number to the next.

Learning numbers

And then he started at the beginning, tracing the numbers 1 through 9 and we talked about what each number was as he traced it.

I wasn’t worried about how he was holding onto the marker, or how he traced it. It was more just to get him familiar with the numbers and to make it a fun way to practice writing.

Henry joined in to when he got home from school.

Tracing numbers and wipe them right off

All three boys enjoyed it! Louis just played with the markers.

Tape is always a hit! Check out these 25 active ways to learn with tape!

Tracing numbers and wipe them off

And then just wipe off the markers with water or wipes. It comes right off!

What are some other fun ideas for tracing numbers?

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