There are more and more creative-thinking toys being created, and we love to test them out!! Whether your child loves to build, be outside, or just create as they go, you can find lots of toy activities and HOAWG suggested toys!

Goldieblox Building Blocks for Girls

Meet GoldieBlox! Blocks Just for Girls!

I have three boys that just love to build with blocks. The creations they make is incredible to me, their imaginations soar when they’re building. And then they play with it for hours afterwards [or until their little brother may knock it down]. Blocks are so open-ended that we’ve done many activities with them, they’re […]


Must Have Ride On Toys for Summer!

We recently received a powered ride on toy from Monster TRAX, the Dirt Racer 22. Something I swore my kids would never have… until my kids rode one of their cousin’s and spent the entire afternoon riding around their back yard. Monster TRAX offered me the Dirt Racer for the kids and I hesitantly accepted, […]


Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

One of the most basic water activities you can do is to wash the toys. Its a perfect indoor water activity for toddlers to do. Just make sure to prep just a bit so there’s not a complete mess to clean up. I laid down a shower curtain that I keep on hand just for […]


10 Must Have Toys for Outdoor Fun!

These are my basic toys that kids must have for outdoor fun! They’re pretty much as basic as it gets and we have them all and love them. I can only vouch for fun from 4 years and younger. But I think they’re all pretty basic and have a wide age range associated with them. […]

Top Toys for Builders

10 Top Toys for Builders

The boys have been building and construction fanatics lately. And I’ve come to realize that instead of more and more toys to add to our collection of toys that never get played with. I’d rather have a toy that can be added onto to make it bigger and better in the years to come. Blocks […]