Painting With Water is Easy for Toddlers

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Painting with water was a blast! George has a little thing for water, so I knew he’d get a kick out of this activity.

George and I have a great time while Henry is at school most days. We’re starting to work many more toddler appropriate activities into our mornings. I really enjoy watching George getting a kick out of these, too!

Painting with water is an easy starter painting activity, great for toddlers

I colored in our chalkboard completely with sidewalk chalk (affiliate link).

George helped as only a toddler can help.

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I set out a little dish with just a little water to fill the bottom of it.

Painting with water is an easy starter painting activity, great for toddlers

Handed George a few paintbrushes and showed him what happened when you got the water on the chalkboard.

Painting with water is an easy starter painting activity, great for toddlers

He really got into it and it was fun painting along side of him.

He really acted like he was an artist busy as work. Showing me what he did as he made marks with his wet paintbrush.

Painting on the chalkboard with water.

How can an activity be much simpler than that?

And with a happy kid, can’t beat that either.

We’ve done lots of painting with water, check out some of our other activities below:

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  1. says

    Thanks for having labels with activities by age. Makes it so much easier to find ideas for my toddlers! I hear what you are saying about developmental stages, especially when you note the difference between your guys at similiar ages. Will certainly keep in mind when selecting an activity!

  2. becky says

    I wish I hadn’t given away our chalkboard – will have to keep an eye out for another, since this would be a great activity, and meets my criteria of not being too messy. Once in a while there’s nothing like a great mess, but for ordinary daily activities, I try to maintain some control!

  3. Diane says

    Buy a cheap pack of 2″ paintbrushes from the Dollar Tree. Use this with a pail of water outside in the summer time. My granddaughters “paint” EVERYTHING with water. It does not hurt a thing…..the house, garage, driveway, fence, swing, their bikes, and rocks turn great colors when wet…..endless fun and they want to do it again and again. Too much fun!

  4. Heidi says

    This activity is a HUGE hit with the kids I nanny. It produces complete silence while they paint away, which is incredibly rare. And if they spill their ‘paint’ it’s an easy clean up.

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