Toddler Sensory Activity: Treasure Box

Toddler Sensory Treasure Hunt

A quick treasure box made for George with recycled material and real coins.

I received a package and absolutely love this crinkle paper stuff so I had to use it and knew George would love feeling it.

I threw in some real coins and mixed it up a little bit [most of the coins just fell to the bottom] and put a couple coins on top to entice George into the sensory tub.

Toddler Sensory Treasure Hunt


George was excited to find the coins right away…. but then…. are there more? Where are they?

Time to dig through and hunt for them…

Toddler Sensory Treasure Hunt


He emptied out the treasure box to find the coins. 

Sorted them out, put the paper back in and kept going.


Toddler Sensory Treasure Hunt


That crinkle paper is an excellent sensory material! Something different for George to explore for sure and fun to dig through to find his treasures.

Toddler Sensory Treasure Hunt

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We love a good hunt and have a lot of scavenger hunts to hunt through.

What should we hunt for next?

George is 22 months.


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  1. marla says

    awesome! i like how it’s an easier mess to clean up. i will do the other sensory materials but this one is much more convenient.
    thank you!

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