Toddler Sensory Bag with Slimy Eyes

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Create a slimy experience for toddlers without the mess with a sensory bag! It’s a perfect sensory activity for Halloween.

As well as perfect for all ages, including babies and toddlers! I saw these Halloween and fall hair gel sensory suncatchers from Happy Hooligans. They have lots of ideas that they added to their sensory bag suncatchers.

Toddler Sensory Bag with Slimy Eyes

What’s in this sensory bag? Simply just hair gel.

Add googly eyes for some Halloween fun.

Our hair gel just happened to be orange, so there was no coloring needed to get our Halloween effect. If you have clear hair gel add food coloring or paint to the bag (or two primary colors to learn about mixing!) for added sensory and mixing fun!

Tape it on a window that gets great sunlight and you’ve created a spooky suncatcher!

Halloween sensory bag for toddlers

George absolutely loved this and felt the bag in every way he could! Including his mouth.

(Warning: be careful to not let them bite the bag… if they do, simply tape over the hole with scotch tape! I may have had to do this…)

Sensory bag for toddlers

Wonderful sensory goodness going on.

A sensory bag is just one of the many fun sensory activities! Check out all 25 of them!

Henry was at school while George explored the googly eye slime.

But when Henry got home, he immediately went to the window to see what it was all about.

Sensory bag

He drove the dual wheel of his tractor through it over and over, watching the ‘tracks’ it made in the gel.

Sensory bag on window

Pretty nifty SPOOKY sensory stuff!

This is one of the 50 Activities Just for your Toddler!

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