Toddler Activity : Fine Motor Skills with Pom Poms

Fine Motor
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toddler activities with pom poms

Toddler play with pom poms!

Grabbing, pinching and poking at these little items are great for fine motor development!

Henry never got into the little things, he was always too busy and on the move. George gets into it a little bit more and loves to put objects in things. (Believe me, I find stuff in the weirdest places!)
Pom poms have become a favorite of his. Give him a container of some sort and a bunch of pom poms, and he’s set!

fine motor play with pom poms for toddlers

We started with color sorting.

I didn’t expect him to be able to do it (he’s only 15 months!), but I did want to introduce to him that there are different colors.

I used a muffin tin and sorted the pom poms myself, as I did that I said the colors to help him recognize them.

George pulled the pom poms out of the tin and put them in, over and over.

fine motor play with pom poms for toddlers

I also used a Puffs container and cut slits in the lid to make a cross.

(I cut the tips of the opening to round them out, so they weren’t so pointy and sharp.)

This has been an absolutely favorite.
George spends a lot of time exploring this concept.

Sticking the pom poms in.
Removing the lid and emptying them out. And repeat.

activity for toddlers with pom poms

Pom poms tend to end up all over the place and I find them constantly, check out the splatter of pom poms behind George! (Maybe I should treat that as my own ‘I Spy’ game!)

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  1. katepickle says

    my big kids were given pom poms for christmas to create with…. but they are yet to get a go with them as the smallest stole them and likes to stash them in containers and places all around our house! What fun!

  2. Corinne O'Sullivan says

    What a cute idea! My son is almost 12 months and he too is big on the putting-random-objects-inside-other-objects game. Much to my chagrin, he raided the recycling bin I keep under the sink and ran around with an empty tin can, dropping one of his toys in it, shaking it about, dumping it out, putting it back in. He was having such a grand time, I didn't have the heart to take it away from him.

    I see pom poms in our future. Love the idea of the muffin tin sorting cups!

  3. Christy says

    We recently discovered the joy of pompoms. I bought a big bag and made some pompom magnets ( Using a cookie sheet as a tray, my toddler and preschooler like to use them with do-a-dot pages, to make patterns, to cover hand-drawn shapes, etc. I also cut out colored paper circles to fit muffin tins or recycled applesauce cups and laminated them. They can be used for color sorting, use a wet-erase marker to write numbers on and put that many pompoms in the cup, etc. When my toddler was a little younger, he liked to put clothes pins into a pop-up wipes container over and over too.

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