Tie Dye, Father’s Day & Play Dough

Hands on Weekly Activities

[above clockwise from top-left]
  1. Tie Dye! Its so much fun! Henry and I tie dyed pillow cases and used them as a gift wrap!
  2. The boys doodled on a bowl for their Father’s Day gift to Dad.
  3. 8 Father’s Day Activities got featured on It’s Playtime! [Shown is an awesome art wrapped candy bar from Domestic Goddesque.]
  4. We joined in the Play Dough Pledge this week with a simple play dough play prompt.

My big news of the week is that I’m one of the #MaytagMoms! And I am so beyond thrilled about it. I made a list of what I don’t like about my current washer and dryer and what I’m hoping to see that the new Maytag washer and dryer will do for me!
DIY Tin Can Windchimes
This time last year, we were making our DIY Tin Can Windchimes. I never had thought it would be such a popular activity, but this is the hands on : as we grow readers’ favorite! Who knew? They were pretty cool! And maybe we’ll make another version this summer!
What we’re reading this week:
The Boys Farming

While we try to do an activity every day, but we still have a lot of time for just play time. And the boys usually choose to farm. Tractors and more tractors… that’s our life in a nutshell. [Hence the 35 Activities for ‘Things that Go’!]


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