This Week’s Activities: Splashin’ Around

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This Week's Activities

This week’s activities:

  1. Go on, fly a kite! Grab a plastic bag out of your sack stash (we all got ’em!) and run!
  2. Get creative yourself and decorate some fabric! I made a butterfly pillowcase for my niece!
  3. Super simple toddler activity that promotes fine motor skills. Clothespins. Yep. That’s it.
  4. Exploring imaginations on It’s Playtime! Where or where can your child’s imagination take them? (The Love and Lollipops kids’ imaginations build robots!)

What were we up to last year?

Last year we were ‘cleaning’ windows. But first, we had to make them messy, right? (Aside from the gazillion finger prints that are constantly on them!)

Sloppin’ paint onto the window is a huge treat for the boys!

They absolutely love painting the windows!

Homemade Window Paint Recipe

Passing along a couple posts I loved this week:

  •  A water balloon hunt! Not only playing with balloons and going on a hunt, but make it learning about shapes too. Gotta love this one from Mess for Less.
  • I so, so, so wish I saw this about a month ago. I need to make one of these for traveling! A Mr. Potato Head travel mat from Lil-Kid-Things. Can you imagine all the funky faces the kids could come up with? And all right in your car.
  • And again something I wish I had seen before going on vacation. 10 waiting games for kids from More Than Mommies. All that take almost no prep or props.

We just got back from a little vacation. And boy is it stressful on vacation with two boys! I do think this is the last time we take a vacation in a hotel room. It’s just too cooped up for us and are constantly on the go then (which is extremely exhausting and not much of a vacation for mom or dad)!

But we did have a lot of fun! The highlight for the boys was probably the first night when we happened upon a simple splash pad by accident. (A big deal for us small town folk!)

Splash Pad Fun

I’ll share more about our fun in Omaha in a few days.

Enjoy your week and stay cool in the heat!
(Another heat wave coming through the Midwest!)
Or stay dry if you’re in the UK!

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