The Week’s Activities & St. Patty’s Day Fun!

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[starting at top, left to right:]

  1. It’s Playtime was all about rainbows. Four rainbows are featured; sensory, activities, crafts and art.
  2. George got in on some fun with a soapy sensory jar!
  3. “How do you live like The Lorax?” Nine hands on ways to be Earth-friendly.
  4. Crayons aren’t just for coloring! 35 uses for crayons!
  5. Henry had a blast going on a hunt for his toys in the colors of the rainbow.
  6. We spruced up our dining room with some crafty shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day.


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Caught in the Fruit Jar

George got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Nope. That’s not a cookie jar. That’s the fruit jar, mandarin oranges. George’s favorite. Yum!

A pretty common scene in our house… George climbing up to the table.

How can I prevent that?!


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  1. Katherine says

    That photo of wee George with his hand in that jar just made my night! What a little cutie! :) I love your blog!!

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