The Hands on Weekly: Hot Enough?

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This week's activities

This week’s activities, clockwise from top-left.

  1. Alphabet Ball! A very hands on learning activity.
  2. Pleasantest Thing that can be adapted for many ages and development stages!
  3. We’re thinking positive this week on It’s Playtime! (Butterfly craft, shown, is from Learn with Play at Home)
  4. What we were up to last year…. Henry got to use the real computer and took his turn at typing! A great way to practice spelling and word recognition!

I apologize that its been quiet over here this week (the 4th of July took a lot out of me!), but I’m… will be… sometime… over at Red Ted Art sharing a prompt for daily creativity with your kids! I’ll announce it again when I know its live.

A couple posts to share with you that I enjoyed this week:

  • Crayon Freckles has something very simple, but very much worth remembering for every child.
  • And you know I love energetic activities, right? What I love even more than that? Ones that the kids learn from too! Stay At Home Educator shared 6 shape activities that involve movement!
  • Please keep cool in this heat! A good place to start is our 38 Ways to Beat the Heat roundup of water and ice activities!

I am reopening The Heart Project ebook up for donation for the month of July. August is our local heart walk that I am fundraising for, and Ellie’s birthday. You can read more about what The Heart Project is about and get your ebook to support The American Heart Association!

the heart project ebook, fundraiser for the American Heart Association

$5.00 donation to AHA
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How was your Fourth?

4th of July Parade

We had a great 4th of July. This week has been sweltering hot, we’re only slightly managing to stay cool, hence why its been so quiet.

Just an update though, I did end up taking the kids to the fireworks on the 4th (the original plan was to do it on the 3rd, but due to the kids being overtired and whiney, I took it away… was that too extreme? Share your opinion). They were especially good at the parade and had great naps on the 4th, so we celebrated with the fireworks that night. They LOVED them.

George stared at the sky, pointing at them and looking back to me to make sure I saw it too!

Henry had a lot to say during them and was the announcer for all the crowd around us. Everyone knew what colors they were, if they were big or small, and if they left smoke or not. (We have a small fireworks display that usually only shoots one off at a time, so it makes it fun for the kids to see them!)

Ready for Week 4 of the Readathon? All about Imagination! And this quote about fairy tales is a wonderful way to start it off, don’t you think? (This is my pin of it, I can’t find the original image on where its listed at.)

Source: via hands on : as we grow on Pinterest

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