Take Part. Stop Bullying Now.

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TakePart is sponsoring and supporting this discussion on bullying as a way to put it to a stop.

Bullying is something I hope to never deal with. I haven’t ever as a child and so far my kids haven’t really dealt with it.

I’m not sure what would hurt me most as a mom. To find out my kid is being bullied, or to find out he is the bully. Both would tear my heart apart I think.
Take Part. Stop Bullying Now.

I’ve been struggling with the definition of bullying. This is what I’ve come up with. In completely my own words with no sources to site. [Two excellent sources are below for information on bullying.]

Bullying is…

  • A purposeful, and mean, act against someone.
  • Can be physical.
  • Can be emotional.
  • Is recurring.
  • Singles someone out.

We’ve had a touch with a minor ‘bullying’ event last year in preschool. But according to my definition, I don’t think it could be considered as actual bullying. There were many instances of pushing on the playground. Over and over again. It seemed to be the same group of boys doing it. But it didn’t always happen to the same kids. And they thought it was a game… not necessarily doing something mean to someone to hurt their feelings or them physically. Would you call that bullying?

Whatever it was, it made me incredibly sad and very aware of how easy it could happen. And has now made me proactive with Henry’s teachers to keep on top of behaviors.

I also want to believe that I am doing my part to prevent my kids from being bullies. I’m taking part in their lives. Every single day. I play with them. I busy their minds with the activities that I share. They are busy kids and I hope to keep their minds focused on good and constructive things to do.

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    I wrote a post about this a while ago with info I got from the book The Unwritten Rules of Friendship. http://educationalartsandcrafts.com/blog/is-your-child-being-bullied/

    On a personal note: When my oldest child was 3, she was the one biting in school.(even though that’s not really bullying but believe me when I tell you that being the parent of the “bully” was a lot worse than being the victim. Unless the child is picking it up from home that is usually the case.

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    Bullying nearly cost me my teen daughter. I had NO IDEA of the scope of what was going on- and I was the VP of the PTA at her school, and a very involved mom. It’s heartbreaking. Now I write about standing up to bullies: http://www.theantibullymom.com/an-anti-bullying-blog/ just to help other parents deal with it.
    Once your child is bullied to the point my daughter was, life is never the same. Every quiet moment with her I want to ask “Is everything all right?” it’s hard to let her grow up because I feel the need to protect her.

    It was supposed to get easier as they got older. It hasn’t. Bigger kids, bigger problems.

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