What Supplies Are NOT in your House?

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I am on a mission to help you find activities that you can do.

Or maybe, its just making it easy on myself because I like having supplies handy.

Either way, I’m trying to make it easy for parents to do activities with their kids.

I want to make sure that the activities I share are activities that we can do with our kids at any moment.

What does that mean?

It means that we have to have all the supplies on hand…. at any moment. Right?

I’ve made a list of what we use all the time. Check out my list of our most used kids craft supplies. Now I want to know yours.

I’m taking a little poll, or ‘quiz’, of common materials or supplies that you normally don’t have in your home.

If you currently get the weekly newsletter, I’ve already asked you for your supply list, so if you filled it out already, no need to do it again. But if you missed it, here’s your chance!

Because I know what I have in my home… and I don’t like to go to the store to buy one material to do that one activity. If I don’t have the stuff to do it… well, we don’t do it.


But do you have those same materials in your home? That’s what I want to know.

Take the ‘Supplies Quiz’ here.

I’m going to be nerding it up here over the next few weeks, going over your answers, to find out if certain supplies aren’t in most of your homes… and guess what?

Activities with those materials aren’t going to be shared!

Okay… probably 95% of the time, that is.

There will still be exceptions for special occasions every once in awhile.

Ready for fun with your kids?

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I'm Ready


  1. Lauryn says

    Will you please share with us which supplies you do keep on hand in your home? This is a very interesting post. I am always scared to have too many ‘messy’ supplies on hand and leave that for nursery school but I really do want to do more crafts with the boys at home. Looking forward to the results!

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