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This is a super simple color collage for learning colors.

It’s a great introduction for colors because its great for kids that are just beginning to recognize that there are different colors and this is all about matching the colors and not putting labels on it.

Make a super simple color collage for learning colors

George, however, already knows most of his colors, so its more of a confidence builder activity for him. Lately, it seems he really needs confidence builders! He doesn’t seem as eager to learn the new things as Henry was, and pretends he doesn’t know a lot of which I know he does.

I set out several different colored papers that I had on the table, just one of each.

And then went through my scrap papers and ripped up a bunch that were the same colors. George helped me out by cutting some into small pieces.

Rip up scrap pieces of paper for collage

Then he sorted through the paper pieces and glued each one onto the corresponding color paper, making a color collage for each color.

Sort the colors to make each color collage

He started with a glue stick, but I think he got bored and wanted to use the regular bottle of glue to do more at once.

Glue colored paper for each collage

He also played dumb a lot, pretending he didn’t know the color, saying the yellow went on the green paper, trying to be silly to get a laugh. I would ask him in return in a silly voice, “Wait a minute! What color is that?!”, being completely goofy about it so he wouldn’t get discouraged.

Toddlers can also sort buttons too as a simple color sorting activity

Make a simple color collage

Its fun to look back and see how each of the kids did these color collages. I shared a color collage that Henry did over on Mama Pea Pod a couple of years ago.

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    Just wanted to say your site is really great! I am also a toddler teacher, we call it “discovery preschool” and a lot of the things on this site has helped me expand my curriculum!

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