Ice & Water Activities: 38 Ways to Beat the Heat

Have you gotten enough ideas to Beat the Heat?  Here are some [thirty-eight, by the way] icy cool activities and art that I gathered up to share with everyone. Whether you got a water bug in your family, or an artist at your hands. There’s lots of exciting ways to keep cool in this scorching […]

It’s Playtime! : Beat the Heat

I realize that we’re not the only people going through a heat wave these past few weeks. I’ve noticed in many posts linked up to It’s Playtime lately, especially last week, that my playdate pals have found creative ways to beat the heat too! [Come Together Kids, using the heat like an oven to melt crayons: Hot […]

Sensory Play : Frozen Excavation

In order to Beat The Heat last week, we froze some berries and excavated them out! Using tools to find hidden treasures is thrilling for a preschooler! Henry was so excited to dig out his buried treasure. We got started by making the buried treasures together. We had some leftover fruit in the fridge: blueberries, […]