Stuffed Heart Balloon

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heart shaped stuffed balloon

Henry made his own balloon!

(disclaimer: this is not really a balloon…
it cannot be flown around:
Henry was extremely disappointed)

This was a two day project.
We set out painting some butcher art paper (affiliate link).  A brown paper bag would work too.

I told Henry to cover as much of the paper as he could.
Here he is showing me that he CAN reach all the way to the top of the paper!

I let him choose his colors.
He really didn’t like my suggestions of red-purple-pink-white again…
and used green-yellow-orange-blue first.
By the time he got to red he was ready to cover the paper!
Turned out great that way, I guess!

You could add lots of glitter and sparkle here,
but we have boycotted glitter in this house for awhile.

I had to include the following photo to show that Henry is, in fact, my son.
Take a look at that arm!
(he’s also a lefty here… more proof!)

heart shaped stuffed balloon

We let the paint dry for the rest of the day.

The next morning I cut 2 hearts out of the papers we painted.
I tried to make them as big as possible.

(I painted a heart too…
I have found that just telling Henry to paint doesn’t exactly work.
If I do the same thing with him the entire way, he’s much more interested)

I then folded over about a 1/2″ seam to the backside of the hearts.
I had to cut slits along the way to get it to lay right.

I then hot glued the seams of the hearts together, leaving the bottom of the heart open for stuffing.
(If you were to just glue the hearts together without the seam, the heart wouldn’t get puffy)

Phew – that was a lot of work I had to do by myself.
I better get some help now.
Blue Dog and Giraffe Henry helped
stuff the balloon with crumpled up newspapers.

heart shaped stuffed balloon

The stuffing caused some tears in the seams, so I hot glued some more.
I then closed up the seams around a paper towel roll.

It’s top heavy, so I had to stick it in a jar to stand up.
Or you could fill the roll with marbles if you have some on hand.

heart shaped stuffed balloon

Idea from Forskoleburken (it’s in Swedish, so I hope you have a translator!)

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