Sticky Foam: A Birthday Cake in the Window

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Foam Window Birthday Cake

To celebrate the week before George’s birthday, Henry made a birthday cake right on the front window.

We received these foam platters from Michael’s Creatology line, that come in a brightly colored shapes one, as well as a sports edition with balls, trophies and so on.

Foamies Party Platters from Michaels #foamcraft

These Foamies are perfect for sticking to the window! They are not self adhesive foams, they’re just foam. (The center part of the platter comes with a bunch of small foam stickers and jewels too, we didn’t use them for this project though.)

You simply add water to foam and they stick to the window!

George joined Henry in painting the Foamies with water and Henry decorated the cake with them.  All for George’s birthday!

We did this activity inside, so I taped a sheet of art paper on the outside of the window to be a ‘birthday cake’.  And added two pieces of paper as candles for George’s 2nd birthday.


Decorate a Birthday Cake in the Window

Henry lit the candles with two pieces of yellow foam!

He used the bright colored Foamies to decorate the cake.  And the sports balls Foamies made it on the window around the cake as presents for George! He is a thoughtful brother after all.

The foam cake decorations were stuck on the window and taken down multiple times. Henry even did color patterning with the Foamies!

Patterning with Foam #foamcraft

Its fun! And the possibilities are completely endless for activities. You could make any types of shapes, or make play scenes as well!

I left this up for George’s birthday party to have an activity to keep the kids occupied.  I don’t think they ever made it over to the window though. The boys played tractors and trucks throughout the party!

Bonus: This activity gives you that extra push to actually clean your window because the finger prints will be insane after this!

Foam Decorated Birthday Cake in the Window #foamcrafts

Michaels has an insane amount of crafty supplies as you probably know, but their selection for kids craft supplies is pretty extensive as well. Keep updated with the awesome Creatology line at Michaels and Darice:

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Michaels and Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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