Sticker Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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This is a fun sticker Christmas tree craft for kids that my boys did last year right at Christmastime and I didn’t have time to share it quick enough.

Its simple but also great for fine motor skills! Really anything with stickers is! So let the kids have them!

I have a thing where I think they’re just going to waste them all the time, so I never let them use them… then I realize how many stickers I really do have and they’ll never get used up! Such a vicious cycle.

Anyway, we used some Christmas stickers to decorate Christmas trees!

I cut two Christmas trees our of green scrapbook paper and glued it onto a red piece of scrapbook paper. I just used a marker quick to make the tree trunk, but could have used scrap paper instead.

Sticker Christmas tree craft setup for kids

Then the boys just decorated the trees, however they liked!

I drew lines for garland on Henry’s tree to give him a little bit of a challenge.

Follow the lines of garland on the Christmas tree

He followed along the lines with the stickers the whole way from the top to the bottom.

Stickers for fine motor to make a Christmas tree craft!

Fine motor sticker Christmas tree craft for kids

I left George’s blank for him to decide where to put the stickers.

Simple sticker Christmas tree craft for kids

They both had a great time decorating their Christmas trees and hanging them up for the holiday season.

Sticker Christmas tree craft for kids

More super simple Christmas crafts like this one can be found in the 25 easy Christmas crafts for kids. Which one will you do today?

Be sure to make an ornament for the tree this year too!


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