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Have you used starch in your crafts with the kids?

After this flower craft, I’m so excited to find new ways to use it.

I got inspired to make these starched coffee filter flowers from Ms. Motta’s Mixed Media’s Chulily-inspired artwork.


The boys and I started by coloring our coffee filters. This actually took us a couple of tries. We failed a couple of times before going back to a tried and true method.

Our first fail was by trying to do glue resist coffee filters. Henry glued all over the coffee filters only to find that it soaked through. I moved them off my dining room table surface and onto newspapers. They stuck there, good. I asked on Facebook for other suggestions, but we didn’t try it again (yet!). I know its possible, I saw Dilly-Dali Art do it with rubber cement!

The second fail was with trying a new method of watercolor coffee filters. This time trying it outside with a watering can. Wetting down the coffee filters then dripping them in food coloring and then watering them again to spread the colors. This worked wonderfully. Until they dried and were still almost completely white with only spots of colors.

The coffee filters weren’t ruined with these at least, so we tried again. Back to a method we did last year.

Spin Art!

A success! Painted spin art coffee filters.

George was even able to join in this art process. I watered down some paint (just a little) so it could be spooned into the salad spinner. Laying a coffee filter in the spinner, drip some paint on it and spin!

George dropped the paint in and I spun!

Painting coffee filters with spin art

Henry did a bunch too! You can see him in action from last year’s Spin Art Coffee Filter Streamers.

Now, onto the good part.

The starch.

I lined up a bunch of pop cans (yes, I’m a pop drinker…) with our painted coffee filters and some spray starch (affiliate link).

Materials for craft: Colored Coffee Filters, Pop Cans, and Spray Starch

Henry’s job was to put the coffee filters on the can. Pressing them over and around the can. Getting them as good and creased as he could.

Trying to keep it real here. Henry was in whine mode here and whined like crazy when the coffee filters wouldn’t stay where he left it and it popped back up. There was fit after fit. Relate to that?

Press coffee filters around pop can

Once the coffee filters are on the cans and in place, spray them with the liquid starch. Henry did a few of them but couldn’t grasp the concept of holding the can back a ways, or moving it around. He held it within a couple of inches each time and didn’t move. There were a lot of puddles of starch on the coffee filters.

More whining.

More fits were had when I tried to help and show him. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

Spray coffee filters with starch

Then we let them dry. They took about a good day to dry. I kept coming back to check them and gave them another spray because I didn’t know if they were going to be stiff enough to hold its shape.

I probably ended up putting on three good coats of starch.

That may not have been necessary, but with the previous fails for this project, I just didn’t want to have to start over again.

Starched coffee filters drying

Finally, once they coffee filters were dry, we could make our flowers!

I didn’t really have a plan for the starched coffee filters when I started. I just knew I wanted to try the starch. All I could come up with at the time were flowers. Still haven’t come up with anything much better, so I’m open to suggestions!

The flowers were simple to make.

  • We doubled up the coffee filters, placing one inside the other and gluing them together.
  • Glue a pom pom in the center of the flower petals.
  • Glue down a craft stick (either a colored one like we got from CraftProjectIdeas, or paint a regular one) as the stem.
  • Add a couple colorful buttons for ‘leaves’.

Making starched coffee filter flowers

Starched Coffee Filter Flowers

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  1. marsha says

    My family made these the other day and had a blast! I have them proudly displayed around my office at Dish! This summer has been a struggle to keep my kids entertained since it’s been unusually hot, so I appreciate any ideas that keep us from melting outside. So far we’ve been relying on our DVR to survive the triple digit temperatures. The record button on the remote is down to almost nothing, and it’s only the beginning of July! Now that I’ve stumbled upon your blog, we can let those recordings stack up since we will be occupied by crafts! Luckily we have the Hopper DVR box, so there is no rush to watch any recorded shows because it has a memory big enough to hold everything we’d want and then some. Keep the good ideas coming, and I will be sure to let you know how they turn out for my family!

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