Sorting through the Tupperware Drawer

Sorting through the Tupperware Drawer

My Tupperware drawer needed cleaned out. I wasn’t finding matching tubs and lids for the life of me.

So I let the boys have at my drawer.

Wiped it clean and started sorting and finding matches of lids and tubs…

Finding the Tupperware Match

George just got a kick out of digging through my drawer. I don’t think he found a single match, but did give it a shot.

Henry joined us and absolutely loved the challenge of finding the lids to the tub.

Sorting through the Tupperware Drawer

He even made a few Tupperware towers. George quickly knocking them over. [Amazingly, Henry wasn’t upset and just went ahead and made another tower, only to have George swipe it down again.]

Stacking towers of Tupperware

Good times.

And my Tupperware drawer is sorted through and everything is with its matching lid now. And the ‘scraps’ have been put in the kids’ recycling center for play!

Henry is 4 years old. George is 19 months old.


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  1. says

    My mom has so many pictures of me playing in the tupperware drawer and my son loves it too. It will always be a fun activity. I like that you made it into a game to find the lids.

    • Jamie says

      That’s all I could think. My mom had double cupboards that connected that she used for Tupperware. We would literally crawl inside it and play for hours.

  2. says

    I love playful learning activities that simply require the materials found in your own home. What a fun way to teach measurement (big/small, tall/short, long/short, wide/skinny comparisons) skills!

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