This Week: Sorting, ABCs, & Things that Go!


Kid Activities

  1. One of the simplest and oldest activities. Letting the kids rummage through the tupperware drawer. This time we did some sorting and matching with lids and tubs.
  2. A learning maze for the order of the alphabet. Check out the movie of Henry driving through it!
  3. Learning colors activities are featured on It’s Playtime! This clothespin matching game shown is from Carrots are Orange.
  4. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go is a favorite book of ours and it inspired me to collect 35 activities for Things that Go, mainly because the boys love everything with wheels.


Henry graduated preschool this week [though he still has to go to school this coming week...]. Henry turns out to be very shy in a crowd of people! He didn’t crack a smile the entire ceremony.

Preschool Graduation

I mentioned last week that I got a new camera lens. I absolutely love it. I really really do. I’m just still figuring it out. The aperture is awesome, such nice crisp focus with a blurred background. However, I have found that I accidentally focus on the wrong thing [a lot!], so the picture is drastically wrong… I’m still working on it and hope to perfect this new lens.

Any camera tips for me?

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  1. says

    So excited about your new camera lens! I have loved mine and it takes such awesome portraits of the kids! I have totally misfocused mine too. Eventually you figure it out… but then when the kiddos move tons, it does make it hard! Have fun experimenting!

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