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A simple sort by color activity for toddlers. This is simplified to make it as easy as it gets for toddlers just learning their colors.

George has been slowly learning his colors. Ever so slowly. Some days it seems like he gets it and knows them all, but other days it’s not even close. So I’m never sure if he’s just lucky on those days that he gets his colors right, or if he’s just not paying attention on the other days.

So I decided a very simplified activity for color sorting would help.

Sort by Color Button Activity

Sort Buttons by Color

Just two colors to sort and that’s it.

I did it this way for George to take it back to the introductory stage of colors and just have him identify that they’re different colors, without having to label what color they really are.

For the color sorting activity, I just set out three clear cups (clear to make it easier to see what’s in it, but any cup would work, as well as muffin tins). In one cup I put objects of only two colors in.

I used buttons and a few pom poms because that’s what I had handy (they also are great to pick up to practice his fine motor skills). I only put green and blue buttons into this one cup and then gave that to George to sort into the other two cups.

To get the activity going, I started the sorting by putting a couple of green buttons in one cup and a few blue buttons in the other cup. Just to get things started and so that he understood the object of the activity.


Sort by Color Button Activity

He mostly grasped the concept and understood that there were two different colors. He messed up quite a bit too though.

I know he’s figuring out his colors though, slowly but surely, it’ll make sense to him. Whether we keep doing button activities or not to sort by color, I know he’ll eventually grasp the concept of colors!

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  1. Tina says

    He’ll definitely figure it out!

    I’m wondering if green and blue aren’t extra tricky for some reason. My daughter is starting to name colors, and she relatively frequently says green if it’s blue.

    Have a great day,

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