15 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids To Do Now

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Its time to get outside with some of these fun outdoor activities for kids, that are simple enough to do right now!

I love this time of year. Well, not exactly quite yet. There’s still snow this year! But when that snow starts to melt and the leaves start budding on the trees… that’s my favorite part. It means that its time to send the kids out to run and play!  (And not worry about them spending too long outside in the freezing cold.)

So, let’s get outside and play!

10 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids to do right now!

15 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids To Do Now

  1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt outside! Hunt for signs of spring by going on a spring color hunt (Rainy Day Mum), or set up a traditional scavenger hunt for outside with a list and bag to find things! The Taylor House has a printable scavenger hunt list, and I have a printable with pictures for kids not old enough to read.
  2. Get ready for lots of fun all season long and make scoops for sand play! Picklebums has some creative ways to reuse your recyclables!
  3. Just get out and run, pull a plastic bag behind them on a string for a fun, and very simple, homemade kite!
  4. Roll down the hills! Maybe wait so its not wet and soggy grass if you’ve had a snow-filled winter.
  5. Set up a balance beam outside. This is a great gross motor activity and kids love the challenge.
  6. Go for a bike ride, or expand on the kids bike skills with a little obstacle course, from Crystal’s Tiny Treasures.
  7. Play outside with chalk. Draw on all kind of objects! (JDaniel4’s Mom)
  8. After playing with chalk, set up a grid of numbers and count objects you find outside! (Scribble Doodle and Draw)
  9. Head out on a nature walk scavenger hunt and add in some counting for preschoolers.
  10. Or after a nature walk you can make some nature art with what you find, like Connecting Family and Seoul.
  11. Grab the camera and let the kids snap photos on a nature walk too! Connecting Family and Seoul made it a photojournaling walk for the kids!
  12. Get creative outside on your windows with homemade window paint!
  13. Make a sensory tub with dirt to explore. Carrots are Orange created a spring garden sensory tub.
  14. Just get outside and play in the dirt! 30+ ideas for the kids to get dirty this spring!
  15. And this is a great time to do big art! Big art is best done outside so a mess can be made! Get active and get creative!

Go play outside!

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    We are Messianic so we celebrate all the feasts in the Bible. Our boys absolutely LOVE Sukkot (Feast of Booths)… they call it the camping commandment. :-) Anyway, we camp for eight days and remember the Exodus of the Israelites coming out of Egypt. One of the things we do during our camp out is a Scavenger Hunt in our woods. This is a great list of things to do today, right now, but I will also pull this out for Sukkot this year!

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