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Sidewalk chalk has never really been a hit here before.

We don’t have the smoothest sidewalks or a very smooth driveway. So I’ve just never pushed it. I don’t even enjoy drawing with it on it, so why should they? (I’d prefer sidewalk paint – regular or fizzy – over the chalk.)

But, we always have sidewalk chalk (affiliate link) sitting out for some reason.

It wasn’t until the other day that I started drawing with it on the porch steps while we were enjoying a gorgeous day in the front yard, that the boys took some interest in it. George was all over it. Henry joined in and almost immediately asked to draw on the porch.

And then it moved to the porch swing.

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing on Unusual Surfaces

They got so excited over coloring the porch swing! I couldn’t believe it.

It was great to see them work on some fine motor skills after a summer of hardly doing anything of those type of activities (I guess I’ve been a little lazy with that!).

They eventually moved back to the floor of the porch so they had a wide open space to draw and mark on.

Henry never got into mark making (still barely does), so it was so neat to see George do it, and do it well! He holds the chalk very well!

Toddler Mark Making with Sidewalk Chalk

But Henry. Henry shocked the pants off of me.

He told me he was going to draw a picture.

I said that’d be great, what will you draw?

A tractor.

Okay Henry. Draw a tractor.

Holy moley, when did he learn this? Where did he learn this?

Sidewalk Chalk Preschooler Drawing

To you, this might not look like a tractor. But it very much is.

With each mark Henry made, he told me what it was. First…

The hood of the tractor (a single line to mark the top of the hood).

Then the smokestack (a single line perpendicular to the hood line).

Two wheels. Front and back.

Then the cab above the back wheel.

I can’t remember what he put in the cab, maybe it was the driver. I don’t remember. I’m going to have to ask him!

He sat there puzzled then. What was he missing? He asked.

What about steps to get into the tractor? Those are the hashmarks between the tires.

Sorry, you probably don’t want or need to know all those details. But this is for my own recollection later on. I don’t want to forget it.

Preschooler Drawing with Sidewalk Chalk

Henry went on to draw more after his tractor. He drew a semi next, with a flatbed trailer. The image above has both in the picture. This is a new tractor than the previous one (he drew it several times!).

George wasn’t being the most cooperative with Henry’s drawings. He wanted to join in so he drew all over them.

At first though it seemed to really add to the drawings. Below he made a bunch of marks right on top of the flatbed trailer of the semi.

I asked if it was corn to haul. Henry corrected me. It’s a flatbed trailer Mom, it must be pipes he’s drawing.

Toddler Mark Making with Sidewalk Chalk

I just can’t get over it.

For two kids (and myself) that don’t really use sidewalk chalk much. And Henry’s drawing tractors and semis.

Do you allow your kids to draw on
unusual surfaces to encourage their creativity?

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  1. says

    My daughter did this a while ago with crayons! She is three and all of a sudden started drawing people and I had no idea she could do that! Then she drew her name! I about fell over! Who taught her that? I love it when simple time with kids result in life changing moments (at least for us moms)! I would love to have you over at our linky party, Taking Time Tuesday! We are sharing the fun we took the time to have with our kids this week!

  2. catherine says

    My kids loved drawing on a brick wall at the place we stayed this summer. We colored each brick different colors and put different designs on them. We pretended we were painters as well.

  3. Robyn Coburn says

    We used to love painting with kid’s paints in the bathroom, on the walls inside the shower recess and bath tub area – washed right off, but felt like a really big canvas. My daughter also liked to paint directly on to the whiteboard side of her easel, which then made very nice monoprints.

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