Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Ghost & Spider Web

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Henry and I found something to do with the shaving cream puffy paint papers that George made!

We extended it into ghosts and spider webs to display for Halloween!

This puffy paint ghost is one of the 15 ghost crafts for kids to make for Halloween.

Of course, after Henry heard that George got to play in shaving cream, he wanted to play as well.

So, again, we got messy. Very, very messy.

I started Henry with a bowl this time (instead of a baking sheet), and dumped a good amount of school glue in it first and then filled it up with shaving cream. (I really have no idea how much glue I put in there, I emptied three very partial bottles, so I’d say a good 4-6 ounces or so.)

I placed a couple sheets of black paper out for the boys to spread the shaving cream puffy paint mixture on to. Yep, George joined in again too!

They went to town! They spread it every where (the entire table was covered at one point). They made designs in the shaving cream (ding ding, a chance to practice writing!), and most of all just absolutely had a great time with it!

When they had finally had enough, I asked Henry what he’d like to make. The answer was a ghost. We’ve been big into ghosts here lately (and George is somewhat scared of them, so I thought this would be a good way to make a ghost good, and not scary).

To make them ready to be ghosts, they needed eyes. So Henry marked on his paper two eyes (and a nose and a mouth, because that’s what’s on a face Mom). I marked two eyes and the mouth on George’s paper.

The next day, after the papers had dried, I drew a ghost on George’s paper to show Henry what a ghost looked like. Hoping that he’d be up to the challenge of drawing his own ghost on his paper. He wasn’t up for that. So I drew a ghost on his paper, too.

The puffy paint simply comes off when you write on it (or rub it), so it didn’t actually write on the paper, but just removed the white part. (Henry thought that was kind of like magic.)

Then we cut out the ghosts!

Henry needed a couple reminders to keep his thumb on top while cutting. But he did excellent!

The ghosts got glued onto the orange Halloween colored papers that George had made previously. The perfect background!

And I couldn’t get Housing a Forests’ spider webs that I featured on It’s Playtime out of my head. So we cut up the scraps of the ghost papers into strips and made spider webs with them, too!


Have a Happy Halloween!

Don’t be scared by a silly ghost!

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