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beat the heat week at hands on : as we grow

In order to Beat The Heat last week, we froze some berries and excavated them out!

Using tools to find hidden treasures is thrilling for a preschooler!

Henry was so excited to dig out his buried treasure.We got started by making the buried treasures together.We had some leftover fruit in the fridge: blueberries, black raspberries and grapes.Add them to an ice cube tray partially filled with water and freeze them again.(We also made a larger buried treasure in a Pyrex dish.)Frozen Excavation

I think Henry snacked on as much of the fruit as he did burying them.

(This might be a sneaky way to get in a healthy snack!)When our buried treasures were mostly frozen, I added them to an cake pan to combine them all together.(Tip: I put the cake pan with water in the freezer to get chilled for a little bit before adding the fruit.)

Frozen Excavation

After nap that same day, our treasure was ready to be found!
We set out on the porch on the hot day and gathered Henry’s tools.

(Though this day wasn’t as super hot as the others – still very humid though.)

Frozen Excavation

Henry’s tools of choice:

  •  Hammer
  • Drill (not shown)
  • Pliers

Henry found the hammer worked the best for breaking apart the ice.

The pliers worked well for picking out the smashed pieces of fruit.

Frozen Excavation

As he picked out each piece of fruit, it went directly into this mouth.

Sometimes with a nice chunk of ice too to cool off.Some other ideas for Ice Excavation:

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  1. Mama Pea Pod says

    We could use some of this around here tonight – so hot in the house, poor kids can't fall asleep and it's nearly 11 pm!

    Thanks for linking up with us at Outdoor Play! Always love to read your fun ideas.

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