Flour Piping Sensory Activity for Kids

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After seeing the sand piping bags at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning, I knew it was a sensory activity that Henry would love to get messy doing. Minus the sand, we made our own flour piping bags.

After our Free Play : Stirring and Mixing activity, I couldn’t let Henry miss out on mixing together the flour and water.

sensory activity

Henry measured and scooped flour into a large bowl and added some lots of water.

I poured some of the mixture into ziploc bags and added a bit of paint.

Sensory Play:

Henry squished the mixture together to mix the color in thoroughly.

sensory activity

I snipped a corner off the bag.

The mixture was very runny, and ran out of the bag immediately.

Nevertheless, Henry squeezed it out and made large colored puddles.


When the red color was added to the blue, it didn’t mix together to make purple.


Instead, it created swirls of colors.

Glitter was added as a finishing touch. (Lots of glitter, the shaker is now empty.)

sensory activity

Henry noticed as some of mixture ran off the paper : “a river!”

The glitter showed the flow of the river.

Henry created his own rivers of glitter all over the paper.

Of course, this ended in one very sloppy mess!

sensory activity

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