Soapy Sensory Foam Activity for Kids

Valentine's Day
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Whip up some foam using just dish soap and your food processor! Let your kids explore the sensory foam! Its a wonderful sensory activity for kids of all ages.

I knew when I saw this snow sensory activity from dish soap, from You Pinspire Me, when I collected the ideas for the Snow Collection that it was something the boys would love and we just had to do it.

Soapy sensory foam!

Soapy sensory foam activity for kids to explore

So easy, your child could, and can, do it all!

I put some dish soap in a measuring cup (just squirted a good amount) and added a tad bit of water.

Dumped that in my food processor, and let the kids foam it up!

Making sensory foam

And that’s it! Its Foam!

The longer you do it, the foamier and thicker it gets!

Make some soapy sensory foam

We made batch after batch of dish soap foam! Seriously, like 6 batches of it.

A few of them, we added food coloring too! Purples and pinks for Valentine’s Day, of course.

Sensory foam for kids to explore

I set down towels and trays and bowls. Expecting the kids to nicely play on the floor.

Instantly, it was moved to the dishwasher.

Playing with soapy sensory foam cleans too!

My dishwasher is nice and clean and shiny now. A major benefit to working with soap!

(I should have moved it to the shower or tub! It could use a good cleaning…)

Once they tired of the soap sensory foam on its own… We moved it to the sink and added a tad bit more water. Play continued…

Cleaning up after sensory foam fun

Oh what a fun morning it was, and such a great sensory experience for both the boys to do an activity together.

The food coloring does add a little coloring to the activity… to clothes, and hands… and whatever else it might get on. It did come out of all clothes thankfully.

Bonus: Your food processor gets a good cleaning too!

This is one of the 50 Activities Just for your Toddler!

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