Henry’s Semi Truck 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Henry!

Henry turned four over the weekend and had a great birthday party.

I usually try to set out some sort of activity for the kids [mostly boys] to do on their own throughout the party.

In the past, I’ve had play dough and markers. This time, I tried going with Henry’s “Semi” theme and had them haul loads to the ‘river’ [just like Grandpa does].

I taped a road to the floor, and put two tubs to act as grain bins at the river. At the beginning of the road, I had a large tub of blocks for the kids to load up their semis with and then haul it to the other grain bins at the river.

I don’t provide the kids with any instructions, I just set out the materials and let them play with it however they like. This frees up my time at the party and keeps the kids occupied and hopefully out of trouble.

Henry started hauling before the party started… and by the time anyone arrived, the blocks were already strewn about the room.

The kids played with all the machines, but the grain bins were torn down within minutes, so no ‘hauling’ was actually done.

I can’t complain though, I don’t think there were any tantrums or fighting really the entire party. That is a success!


Of course we had cake and ice cream too. Going along with Henry’s “Semi” theme that he chose. I made him a semi cake filled with jelly beans [to haul beans] and M&Ms [just as filler].

Henry had a blast opening presents and absolutely loves his new bike we gave him. I think he’s officially a ‘big boy’ now with a big boy bike. It’s incredible how fast they grow up.


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  1. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam says

    Happy Birthday to Henry!
    Looks like the perfect birthday party for a kid. All they care about at birthday parties is cake and playing so you hit the nail on the head for pleasing the kids!
    And you are a super talented baker. Your semi truck cake is so cool! Love the doughnuts for wheels!

  2. says

    Neat theme for a party! Happy birthday to Henry! I’ve been holding off getting a ‘big kid’ bike for Miss C but with so many people around me getting their kids bikes I think we might take the plunge and get one for her big 5 this year!

    • Jamie says

      The theme is all Henry. He’s been planning it since his 3rd birthday party. How come you’re holding off on the big bike?

    • Jamie says

      Thanks! We used your cake as a model – and mine didn’t turn out as awesome as yours. Mine kept sinking :P

  3. crystal@growingajeweledrose says

    WOW! That cake is amazing! You couldn’t be more right either. As cliche as it is, they really do grow up WAY too fast </3 Happy birthday Henry!

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