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Okay, these are more spontaneous smiles than saying “Cheese!” and they’re for an incredible cause too!

Elizabeth, of Broken Treasures, has asked a few of her blogger friends to help spread the word about these smiles. These smiles are Spontaneous Smileys! And these spontaneous smileys are from people like me and you. They help fix smiles of children that need it (kids that have a cleft lip and cleft palates) in part with Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a medical charity that actually does more than just funding research, they actually go around and do these surgeries for kids that need them. Elizabeth’s goal is to fund five of these surgeries (at $240 each, that’s $1200 to raise!).

Henry and I went on a lookout for smileys around the house. He didn’t really get what we were looking for, but was super excited when I snapped a photo of one and he could see the smile in the photo.

So look around, find a spontaneous smile out there, snap a picture and upload it to Spontaneous Smileys, and let them know “Elizabeth Sent Me” when they ask who you are.

Once you find one, they’re much easier to spot and you’ll be addicted!

With every Smiley that gets uploaded, the community of enthusiastic Smiley contributors donates $1 to Operation Smile. How easy is that to help out?

What is a Spontaneous Smile?
Its simply a smile that you happen to find somewhere, that wasn’t propped, or isn’t actually of someone smiling, or of an actual smiley face. There’s an entire gallery of user submitted smileys for some ideas!

Need more inspiration for some spontaneous smiles?

These other bloggers are helping spread the word for Operation Smile as well.

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If you’d like to do something more, or even get the kids really involved in it, you can ask others to sponsor or pledge for every smiley you find. Download the Pledge Sheet and get started!

Or, you can simply donate to Operation Smile if you can’t find any spontaneous smileys.

We are giving away a book at the end of the month, The Smiley Book of Colors, (affiliate link) that’s written by the founder of Spontaneous Smiles, Ruth Kaiser. Find more about Ruth on Spontaneous Smiley Website and Facebook, browse her Spontaneous Smiley Shop as well!

There are a few other fun smile giveaways coming up this month too, so please check them out and enter!

March 18th -Broken Treasures giveaway
March 20th – Boo Boo Princess giveaway
March 23rd – Broken Treasures giveaway
March 27th -Broken Treasures giveaway
March 31st – Spontaneous Smiley Book Giveaway

And please join us for a Twitter party on Monday, March 26th at 2:00pm EST with #shareasmile. Come prepared to share activities, crafts, food, etc. that are smile or spring related! Should be bound to bring a smile to your face!

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