Fine Motor Activity: Rubber Band Passing Game

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A fine motor activity that focuses on hand strength using rubber bands.

I called this activity a game to my boys. They were super excited to play the game and wanted to know what it was called. I didn’t know what, I just said I was making one up for them to play.

Henry used that later in the game when he wasn’t doing part of it ‘right’. He said it didn’t really matter because it’s just a game I made up. Oh goodness boy…

So, this is my made-up, doesn’t really matter, rubber band passing game.


I really wanted to work in a way to build hand strength. The entire object of this activity is to use the rubber band around their fingers so that when they open their hand up to grab something, it creates resistance.

So I first had to show the boys how to put the rubber band on and hold it on their hand so that this would happen.

George didn’t have any problem with this at all. He stuck it on, it stayed right in place and he went about the game as normal. Henry’s rubber band kept slipping back because he’d open his hand up too far. This is why he said it didn’t really matter because my game was just made up anyways.

A fine motor activity that focuses on hand strength using rubber bands.

Once they got down how to hold the rubber band on their hands. I set them up with two cups. One empty. One full of golf tees. Any small object would work for this. This is just what I had plenty of on hand.

The object of the game was for George to pick up and pass all the golf tees to Henry to put into his empty cup.

A fine motor activity that focuses on hand strength using rubber bands.

They loved it. So simple. But because it was a ‘game’ to them, it was something completely different than if I were to call it an exercise for their hands!

In addition to it being a fine motor activity, it was also an activity for them to cooperate together. Henry would ask George to get it another tee, or George would wait for Henry to be ready for another one. I loved seeing them work together.

A fine motor activity that focuses on hand strength using rubber bands.

At 3pm CST today (Wednesday, March 13th), I will be discussing the importance of fine motor skills and how to promote them at home with some rock star bloggers: No Time for Flash Cards, Teach Preschool and The Imagination Tree.

You can RSVP to the event on Google+ so you don’t miss it, or you can come back here then to catch it (I’ll post the video below so you can watch it live and after the fact).

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  1. eileen says

    Hi Jamie,
    I am a special ed. teacher of young children. I read your very creative blog a lot and love your ideas. May I add something to the discussion of fine motor skills. In addition to hand muscles, the muscles in and around the mouth are hugely important and often overlooked when we think of small muscle development. Some activities I do to develop oral motor are: blowing dish detergent/water with straws into bowl (think when your mom told you not to blow bubbles into your milk:) blowing pompoms through cardboard tubes, sucking applesauce or yogurt smoothies with a straw. I have many other super fun fine motor activities and I make most of my own games and materials. Contact me if you wish and I will share more. Good luck to you! Eileen

  2. Jolyn says

    Looks like fun. Instead of golf tees the caps from old dried up markers would work plus it could add to the game by learning colors. I will be playing this game with my children. Thank You

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