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  1. lauren knott (@LaurKnotter) says

    This is so perfect, we just moved into a new house and I told my four year old (who shares a room with his little brother) that he could pick the paint. He is so excited and taking it so seriously!

  2. Terri Moore says

    I would start with their favorite color, accent with it’s complimentary color and make it fun. I like the primary colors for young boys since so many toys are in those and so go with the décor. I would add lots of shelves and a bulletin board so they can display what ever they want. I would involve them in the decision .

  3. Alicia Sparks says

    I like bright, primary colors, rather than pastels. We’re looking at doing a baby room coming up, and we’re going to make it look as bright as the inside of a crayon box!

  4. Paula V says

    I like bold, bright, fun colors for boys. I would think depending on the age, the child may have some say…or at least his favorite color up until that age would have an impact on me. I like blues, browns, greens. I would get inspiration from him and what he likes. A football enthusiast might have brown and blue. A baseball fan might have blue and white with a splash of red.

  5. says

    I usually try to decide what I want the room to feel like, relaxing, inviting, fun, etc then I choose a color that matches that! Hoping I win! We just moved and I have a WHOLE lotta painting to do! cjclaytons at gmail dot com

  6. Bridget V says

    I’m actually working on my son’s room now. He’s 10 so I wanted something that wasn’t too kiddy because he wouldn’t find those same things cool in the next year or so. I am going with light gray on the walls with Star Wars themed bedding and accents. The gray works well with so many other colors. He’s a huge fan of blue so I’m thinking a surfer theme would be an easy change.

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