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  1. Stephanie G says

    For a boy I like most shades of blue or beige as colors they could grow into! I usually find my color inspiration for projects from projects on home improvement websites!

  2. Jane H says

    My son loves sports, so we find his favorite posters to hang on the wall and find a color that accents them. In our case tan or blue or some combination thereof.

  3. Rachel B. says

    We went with shades of blue and green but kept them on the brighter side for my son’s room. I figured they were safe enough to get him through his kid years!

  4. says

    The room for our oldest son was already painted a light brown when we bought the house and I left it that way. It works with most colors and I think it will be a color he can grow up with, even though it isn’t all that exciting. These days, I get my color inspiration from blogs mostly :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Margaret says

    We painted our son’s room a neutral tan color and gave it a kick with accessories which we can swap out as his interests have developed. Our inspiration tends to come from pictures we see or just looking at the paint chips in the store but we love nature which shows in that we always lean toward greens and browns.

  6. Amy Lindsay says

    I just received your email update of the new soothing room and I had to comment, those were the exact colors I chose for my son as a nursery and as this big boy room. It’s been a great combination for him and opens the door to many boyish themes. As Louis gets bigger and you discover his interests this room could be turned into an outdoor (hunting or fishing) room, it could be a safari or jungle room, or it could even be a farm style room. I am familiar with these themes as they were/are the themes of my son’s room. Enjoy the new little one :)

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