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  1. says

    I went with browns and blues for my son–then he became a teenager and it was all posters on the walls lol. My inspiration for room color usually starts with something–a beautiful object or a great accent piece or a color in a counter top even something like a throw pillow. I love paint! It is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to completely redo a room.

  2. Vanessa says

    I love blue and brown or red and silver. I’ve never actually decorated/painted my kids rooms because we always rented but we are buying this year so this is the year it will happen!!

  3. Rachelle Anderson says

    We went with a light blue and a sage green for my son’s nursery. I’m not sure if we’ll stick with that color scheme when we upgrade it to a “big boy” room

  4. Kelly D says

    I like blues and browns for a boy. My son didn’t want his walls painted any color except for white, and he has dark brown furniture and blue bedding, so it works. I take a lot of color inspiration from natures, I like a lot of greens, blues and browns.


  6. Margaret Smith says

    I have all boys and I painted one of their bedrooms, that two sons share, in red, white and blue. It’s the perfect color for them to grow into or for now.

  7. Emi says

    I would choose a bright yellow because it contrasts with the flat panels for the grown up legos that you can buy. Then I would mount the lego panels on the wall so he can build a City on the wall. On the next side, I would use chalkboard paint to paint a roadway and find a flourescent white (or add glitter to white paint) for the reflective white striping on the roadway. On the 3rd wall (maybe the one with the window, I would put pegs and give him dress up construction clothes – orange tshirts vests, hard hat. Okay, I know that we don’t wear orange anymore but most kid stuff is still orange. The fourth wall I would make a calmer color which would be the blue that you used as striping in his original room – it would contrast with the yellow and then I would stick is bed next to it and make a reading area there too.

  8. AndreaH says

    I would choose a mixture of bright basic colors. I like to find inspiration of colors for my home projects via home decor magazines and online. I also like to use paint chips to help me decide what colors I think would be good with others.

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