Encourage Kids to Be Green: 10 Recycled Art Projects for Kids

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Recycled art projects for kids to create can be a great way to encourage them to reuse what they already have, giving them an easy taste of being green.

I am so excited to partner with Clorox Greenworks to bring you simple ideas, that are also free and don’t take up any extra time that you’d already spend, to be green. And even more specifically, I want to provide ways to encourage our kids to be green.

What better way than to recycle what you’re already recycling and get creative with it?


These are 10 recycled art projects for kids that reuse what you’re already recycling.

A great way to get one extra use out of it!

  1. Recycled toilet paper tubes are great for art projects! An easy one for toddlers is to stamp hearts using the toilet paper tubes.
  2. Recycle any and all packaging you receive! Bubble wrap is lots of fun and can be used to make bubble wrap prints. We’ve used it for a leaf collage as well as shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day! But the possibilities are endless! A bubble wrap printed rainbow seems like it would be awesome!
  3. Again, recycled packaging works great! The brown paper that you get in some packages can be reused as wrapping paper and is a great canvas for kids to create on!
  4. Save those tin cans! Paint them, make them pretty and turn them into homemade wind chimes!
  5. Reuse old toothbrushes, not just for cleaning gunk out of hard to reach places, but save them for art projects for the kids! They make great splatter paintings! A not-as-messy-as-Jackson-Pollock-style art!
  6. Dig out recycled bottles to make prints using the bottom of them. They work great to make flowers, or even snowflakes. I bet some fun dot to dots could be made too.
  7. Save the bottle caps too! They work great in art projects for kids to add embellishments like these flowers in pots from Pitter-Patter.
  8. Recycle broken crayons into new crayons, or find many ways to reuse broken crayons instead of just throwing them out.
  9. Recycled egg cartons also work great for many hands on projects, Toddler Approved made egg carton flowers!
  10. I have collected 34 recycled materials to save for hands on projects, and what you can do with them. There’s so many ideas!

What recycled materials should you save for activities, crafts and art projects for kids? Check out our list of 34 recycled materials to save, plus what to do with them.

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