A ‘Counting Up’ Countdown to Back to School

Henry’s getting pretty excited to get back to school in a few days. We had a preschool open house the other night, so Henry got to check out his new classroom and officially meet the teacher and her aide [though he already knew his teacher personally]. The following day we had a home visit from […]

Cultural Activities for Kids on It's Playtime

Cultural Activities for Kids on It’s Playtime

Let’s explore the world! Do you travel? We do, but it has always been in just the states. I have yet to jump an ocean to explore a faraway land myself, so my kids haven’t had the chance at all. But there’s way to help the kids [as well as myself] be globally aware and […]

Activities to encourage kids imaginations!

It’s Playtime is Full of Imagination!

What is a tool that you think best sparks a child’s imagination? The cardboard box? Paint? How about dress up clothes? or reading books? This week’s theme on the Readathon is Imagination and I’ve found so many brilliant ideas and resources to help encourage your child’s imagination! For example, Playdough to Plato has 9 simple […]

Children's Books Activities

Children’s Books Activities on It’s Playtime!

Since this week is Children’s Book Week, I thought I’d share a few book inspired activities that were shared on It’s Playtime! We are book lovers in this house, I’m just no good at putting activities together with the book. So, hopefully these will inspire me a little, too. First, I just wanted to mention […]

30 Days to Hands on Play : Act Out a Story

DAY 14 CHALLENGE: ACT OUT A STORY Today we’re digging into your imaginations [as well as memory!] and bringing a story to real life! Read a story, or have your child tell it from memory and play the parts. Bring the story to life! I recently read about this Comprehension Story Walk at Fairy Dust Teaching that could […]

Zoo Animal Puzzles: Eric Carle Art Activity

Art Activity : Zoo Animal Puzzles

A counting book called 1, 2 ,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle inspired this creative art and activity.  The book is a counting train of zoo animals!  Henry really enjoyed this book and loved counting each zoo animal. A great way to learn to count to ten. We decided to bring these zoo animals to life […]

Crafty Art : Eric Carle Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is probably the most well-known, and popular, of his books. At least it is to me. I asked Henry if he’d like to make a caterpillar out of tin cans. He jumped at the chance and wanted me to read the book constantly while he painted. Tin cans […]

It’s Playtime! : Animals

Animals. Cow. Learning animal names. Moo. Learning animal sounds. Its a big part of the beginning stages of talking for a toddler. Flying. Learning animal movements. Nests. Learning animal habitats. For a preschooler, animals become part of their world. This week, Kate at An Amazing Child is celebrating Eric Carle. We checked out a few […]

Kid Talk : Construction Site

During some outdoor play after supper, Henry got his big backhoe out and started digging on the hillside. When I asked what he was doing, the following is his answer. I’m tearing down a building. A bakery. A building that a bakery was in.   And I’m going to put a farm there. And over […]