Raising Kids is Tough : Ask the Experts

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Raising a Kid is Tough.

Teaching your children to become responsible adults is a lot of pressure for teachers and parents. To lend a helping hand, experts are here to lend you an ear along with their advice.

The Raising Kids is Tough Series is a series of posts dedicated to help take the tough out of raising kids. Each month your questions on a specific topic will be answered by the Hands on Experts!

Who are the Hands on Experts?
  • Mom Expert: Jill a Stay at Home Mom from A Mom with a Lesson Plan
  • Teacher Expert: Deborah a Preschool Teacher from Teach Preschool
  • Parenting Expert: Erin a Parenting Coach from The Intentional Parent
  • Lifestyle Expert: Sarah from Fudoo Boards
Potential Upcoming Topics:
  • August: Eating Habits
  • September: Unwanted Behaviors
  • October: Social Skills

I say potential upcoming topics, because if I see an array of questions about a certain topic, I’ll move that ahead of others. Suggest new topics by submitting your question – in the Additional Question Explanation, let me know that it needs its own topic [select Other under Advice Topic].

Each month, I’ll choose five of your questions on a specific topic. If there happens to more than five questions on that topic, I’ll post your questions to the hands on : as we grow Facebook fans, as well as the experts, to give their hands on input for your situation on the Facebook page.. Also, during the month, if more questions come in about the topic we’re discussing, I’ll post your questions on my Facebook page as well.

Go on, ask your toughest questions.
Or even ones that may seem obvious to you, but its just not working.


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