Proud Moments: The unRecognized Firsts

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We all keep track of the major milestones (or at least have the intention of doing so)… I’ve noticed with George’s baby book its missing a lot of the details compared to Henry’s, though.

We always think of the major milestones. The first time they crawl, first steps, first tooth, and of course the first time they sleep through the night.

It seems though that after 2 years old, or so, the firsts get dropped off and we no longer keep track anymore. Why is that? Are learning milestones not as important to keep track of? Or what about their life skills milestones?

I keep thinking back to what Henry did so I can know what to expect with George, but it all goes a little fuzzy.

So, I’m vowing to myself now to keep track of these things just like I would the famous firsts.

I’m calling these The unRecognized Firsts.

(Moments that I’m incredible proud of, but didn’t have the thought to write it down when it happened!)

Remembering proud moments with our kids

What are some of the unrecognized firsts I wish I had recorded with Henry?

How about the first time he…

  • Pedaled a trike
  • Jumped from a stand
  • Shared willingly
  • Gave kisses and hugs
  • Played contently by himself
  • Got dressed/undressed on his own accord
  • Went potty by himself
  • Skipped along the sidewalk
  • Put on his own shoes
  • Said please and thank you without prompting
  • Learnt the colors
  • Sang the ABC song
  • Recognized and could spell his name
  • Wrote his name
  • Counted to 10
  • Could recognize the sounds of letters
  • Cut with a scissors correctly
  • Identified basic shapes
  • Completed his first art project
  • Initiated an experiment or other activity
  • Made his very first friend
  • Held full conversations

unRecognized First milestone of writing his name

And I look forward to some of these upcoming milestones, along with whatever else life brings along:

  • Tying his shoes
  • Riding a bike
  • Reading words/books
  • A drop off play date
  • Sleepover at a friend’s house

Thinking of these moments I’ve had with Henry makes me proud to be a mom, and even more so, to stay at home with him to really be with him during these times.

Now…. if only there were something in my life that would make take out some of the stress of being a stay at home mom, so I can really focus on these moments that really count… I’ll have to enter daily to win the Electrolux Perfect Steam washer to help out.

What are some other famous unRecognized Firsts?

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  1. Andie says

    a few of the moments i loved with Bear were identifying his first type of car “that’s a Ford!” and his first play date! this is such a precious post! thanks so much for sharing jamie!

    • Jamie says

      haha! We’re not to that point of learning makes of cars (probably because I’m bad at it myself) — but machinery we got down. And Henry knows everyone’s vehicles by their headlights!

  2. Rebekah @ The Golden Gleam says

    Just the other day my daughter had a first. Before she used to look away and not talk to another person if they talked to her in public even if I were right by her side. Just the other day, she had a first – smiling and replying to an adult in public.

  3. heather at wordplayhouse says

    You know? You’re right. It does get a little fuzzy when you try to remember back to the first. And, maybe that’s good. Each of ours is SO very different that I guess their firsts wouldn’t all match up anyway. Firsts are fun and you remembered some good ones!

  4. says

    One of my favourite things about being a mother is being privileged to witness so many of these firsts. Last week we had his first time pedaling his trike across the backyard. And this week was the first time he was strong enough to open the fridge door and get a yogurt for himself without help – which was exciting for him and a bit of an “oh dear, do I need to move some stuff from the bottom shelf” moment for me! :)

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