Pretend Play: Tractor Driving

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Pretend Play Tractor Driving

Henry’s imagination has been in full gear lately.

His stories at bedtime are unbelievable. Along with unending…

He often sets up the couch as a tractor for some pretend play and drives along and does his work for the day. (Seriously, this kid works all day in his mind.)

This would be a great addition to the 35 Activities for Things that Go! A way to create your own vehicle in the child’s mind. Such an imagination!

Pretend Play driving the tractor

I asked him why his arms are up all the time. Its because he’s holding onto the steering wheel and turning corners. Makes sense.

This particular episode of pretend tractor driving was right before bathtime and he was putting his machinery away for the day.

He was backing up into the shed and and got out to unhook whatever it is he was pulling. (I didn’t catch what it was!)

Pretend Play unhooking from Tractor

And back in the tractor to shut it off for the night.

(His imagination here is hilarious. He turns the key to shut it off, but says it won’t shut off! Once he finally gets it shut off, it turns back on! And so it goes.)

Pretend Play turning off the tractor

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