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After sharing 34 ways to create, pretend and learn with Play Dough last week, I stumbled upon Play-Doh’s website and came across Play-Doh Playdates!

A bunch of pizza ideas! I loved the Pizza Play Dough idea that I shared from The Imagination Tree, so I thought Henry would love to make his own and have a Pizza Night!

Henry’s been begging me to play with play dough the last couple of days and when I asked him if he’d like to make pizza, he was one happy boy!

I pulled out our store bought Play-Doh this time because I had a lot of little containers of different colors that came with our Burger Builder that were perfect for a pizza.

Henry started out rolling his dough for the crust and smashing adding on some sauce.

He told me the layers of a pizza.
Crust, sauce, meat then cheese.
(We’re pretty basic pizza eaters here!)

I was piddling around with the dark brown Play-Doh and made some sausage for meat to go on next.

Henry, of course, added some cheese.

Lots and lots of cheese!

He started making it with his Burger Builder, but realized it looked like yellow spaghetti instead of cheese.

So he got out this Twist-a-Chip tool that came with the Burger Builder set.
He thought this made better cheese.

But wait, he wasn’t done with just the cheese.

Henry made his entire pizza bite-size!
The pizza dough, meat, sauce and cheese all went through it and got chopped up.

Those fingers and hands got a workout, twisting the Play-Doh through and through. Refilling many times in between. I was impressed with his commitment and concentration to do the entire pizza.

The pizza bite pieces got put in the ‘oven’ to be cooked.

Serve them up on a plate!

Oh, but wait, they need to be cut up into smaller pieces yet…

And they’re hot from the oven, so blow on them…
(I thought this was funny how he learns what we do to his food night after night…)

Eventually the pizza bites got packed back together into a field, of course.

We finished off our pizza night with a pizza from our favorite pizza place too!

At first, I only saw the pizza section of Play-Doh Playdates, but there’s so many more ideas there for play dough! They even have printables to include with your creation to add into some real dramatic play! Even a couple of snack suggestions to include with your ‘playdate’!

Speaking of playdates, have you joined the weekly It’s Playtime playdate this week? Share how you’ve been playing!

I think next time we’ll make some Play Dough Ice Cream!

What have you made with Play Dough?

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