Preschooler Activity : A Big Maze


preschooler maze activity

A maze and a maze.

A month or so ago, we headed to our local maize maze and tackled it with the whole family.

preschooler maze

Since then I’ve been wanting to try a maze at home with Henry as well.

I painted a maze onto our driveway using the sidewalk chalk paint recipe.

This time, I left out the baking soda [no need for the fizz], and swapped flour for the cornstarch since I didn’t have any on hand.

The sidewalk paint recipe we used:

  • Flour
  • Water [It doesn't take much, but make it thinner than you think you'll want it, it thickens up]
  • Washable paint or food coloring for color

[My husband even happened to catch me painting it on camera.]

preschooler maze activity

I first made the maze half the size and let Henry try it out. He made it through entirely too easy, so I doubled the size and had him try the maze again.

I thought about making it another maize maze with the corn we got from the farm, but thought it would be too hard to line up the kernels through the maze.

However, Henry still didn’t have much trouble driving through the maze.

preschooler maze activity

Only a few times he ran into a dead end and asked “But how do I get here?” 

It only took some simple problem solving for him to answer his own question.

preschool maze

The maze still hasn’t been washed off the driveway [it hasn't rained], so we may make it even bigger, or even try the kernels of corn.

What else can we do with our big maze?

 Henry is 3 years old.

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