Preschool Technology : Keyboard Lesson

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preschool technology

Opening a Word document and letting Henry have free reign with the computer keyboard.

Never thought a preschooler could have so much fun.
And learn a thing or two in the process!

Getting comfortable with a QWERTY keyboard is new to Henry.

preschool technology

The letters aren’t alphabetical like his toy laptop (affiliate link).

Finding letters was somewhat of a struggle.
At first, just pushing keys and seeing a result on the monitor is fascinating.

Then by simply typing Henry’s name in the Word document created an entire different activity.
This took thought, concentration… and time.

Finding the right letters took time.

Knowing to pick up your finger to just push the key quickly took a lot of thought for Henry.
He kept wanting to hold it down. (Hence the Hennnnnnnryyyy! Sounds like you’re calling a pig.)

preschool technology

Great practice for spelling and word recognition.
Wonderful introduction of technology.

Instant gratification for Henry!

How have your children experienced technology?

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  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    I have recently did this with C and she requests it all the time. She actually figured out how to open up the word application on her own without my help! They learn so quickly and remember how to do things! It is amazing! She remeMbers how to switch the colors too!

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