Poppin’ Balloons!

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Balloon Poppin’! A little after birthday party fun!

This was a great laugh for everyone! I was hysterically laughing, as were the boys! And it reminded me how much I loved doing activities with balloons. They’re so much fun, no matter what you do! I still have quite a few blown up, so maybe we’ll come up with something, or be inspired by the 30 Ways to Play with Balloons list.

All the kids wanted to do was pop the balloons… all evening!

***(And I let them. And I quickly removed the popped balloon pieces from the area.)***

George had done it many times throughout the day anyway, he must have become a pro at it…

My photos are horrible, but it was still hilarious to watch.

The boys sat on them, laid on them, jumped on the balloons. Whatever they could think of to try to pop the balloons!

George popped them one after another, popping three balloons rather quickly!

Henry… on the other hand had a little more troubles popping them!

He just couldn’t do it.

He finally laid a balloon on the table and put his chin on it. It popped!

He thought that was the magic touch apparently, so he kept trying it over and over, though with no luck.

George popped one more right before bedtime.

Final Score:

George: 4
Henry: 1

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  1. Ness says

    We were at a bit of a low ebb this evening – right before dinner, not such a great day, and at a loose end as to how to cheer my son up. Then I remembered reading this post the other day. “Perfect!”, I thought. I blew up about 15 balloons and my son, my husband and I all went for it. Hysterical! So much fun and the mood was definitely improved. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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