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Meet Rachele from Messy Kids!
(This is part two in a series of features on the play based hosts of It’s Playtime!)

Messy Kids is a play based blog written by Rachele, and is focused on the creative process of art.  Rachele lives in San Diego and sidekicks her blog as a clown!

This canvas art that her son, Michael, made is outstanding and really encourages the creative process instead of the end result. Try it at home!

Messy Kids isn’t just about creativity and the process of art. Rachele loves to play with her two children and shares their play experiences with her readers.

During these everyday play experiences, as a former preschool teacher, Rachele brings out learning opportunities as well, without her children even knowing!

Learning is best learnt through play.

Energetic activities are always a plus in my book.
Anything that gets children up and moving is great for their gross motor development.
Rachele finds a great way to get them moving with parachute play!
Run under, wrap the kids up as presents, bounce balls, or build a fort!

One of my all-time favorite posts that resonates with me well (and probably the one that made me subscribe to Messy Kids), is about listening to your child while they are playing.

There is a lot to learn about a child. Rachele points out that if you ask them a specific question, will you get the answer? If you listen to them while they’re playing, the answer will most likely be in their conversations.

To inspire you to Do Something, Rachele also does a themed roundup every Friday. She features anything from sensory activities to process art to everyday play!

Messy Kids can be found at these places:
Blog : Messy Kids
Facebook : Messy Kids
Twitter : @rachelereyna

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  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Great post! I agree…I love listening to my daughter as she plays! It is amazing! I should record her, but once she knows I am recording she stops!

  2. GianneCurry says

    What a wonderful post!! I love and appreciate all of your ideas — both activities and blog articles. Also, wanted to stop by and tell you after some difficulty with blogger, I was able to respond to your post on my site. Thanks again for what you are doing!

    Gianne at

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