Play Dough

Ask any kid and they will tell you that play dough is a lot of fun! It is great for building fine motor skills as well as imaginative play! There are so many ways to play with play dough, the possibilities are endless! Here you will find many ideas to get you started!


34 Things to Make & Do with Playdough

Playdough will never be boring again! I always wonder what thing can we make from playdough now? It really does take creativity so it doesn’t get too boring. [Otherwise we’re always making tracks in our playdough.] I now have no excuse to not break out the playdough [and neither do you]! Whether we want to […]

no flour play dough recipe

How to Make Play Dough: Recipe with Flour Substitute!

How to make play dough when you don’t have any flour on hand? I came up with a simple, on the spot play dough recipe for when you just don’t quite have the right ingredients. The boys wanted play dough recently, and I didn’t have even a half a cup of flour on hand [funny, […]


Play Dough with Tees, Straws & Pipe Cleaners

  A simple play prompt. Play dough. Tees. Straws. And pipe cleaners added later. The boys and I made play dough and I simply added these items to it. It was a great sensory activity because the play dough was still even warm from making it. Play dough normally is a wonderful sensory activity in […]


Busy Play: Play Dough Construction Site

Henry’s on another play dough kick since his birthday. He got all these little construction machines, and cones and people as a gift and it turned out to be a great addition to play dough that entertained them for hours. Yes, them. George and Henry played side by side for a long time. George was […]

Pretend Play : Play Dough Pizza Bites

After sharing 34 ways to create, pretend and learn with Play Dough last week, I stumbled upon Play-Doh’s website and came across Play-Doh Playdates! A bunch of pizza ideas! I loved the Pizza Play Dough idea that I shared from The Imagination Tree, so I thought Henry would love to make his own and have […]

Play Dough Noodle Threading Activity

Playdough is still Henry’s favorite go-to activity. In need of new ideas for activities, I posted a discussion on the we teach : bodies to move board to link up your favorite fine motor skills activity. Nicole [The Activity Mom] linked up her Spaghetti Noodle Lacing activity that caught my eye. To start, I made a few playdough […]

Tractor & Play Dough Birthday Party Fun!

Henry turned 3 last Friday and he had his birthday party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun! All Henry wanted for his birthday was a Tractor Cake. Instead of carving a cake into the shape of a tractor, I decided to go the route of giving him a new tractor on his cake. Henry couldn’t […]