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Physical activities for toddlers are amazing for those that have lots of energy. And let’s face it. What toddler doesn’t? I know mine all did at that age, and I’m chasing Louis all over the place at the moment! It gets insane at times!

Who has said any of the following?

My toddler has too much energy.

My toddler won’t sit still.

My toddler won’t draw or color.

I’ve probably said all of that before with my three, very energetic, boys.

Or… the one I probably say the most: If only I could bottle up some of that energy for myself!

I do like to embrace that energy with physical activities for toddlers. Its my way of harnessing their energy and refocusing it into good physical play when it gets out of hand.

Toddlers just learned to walk and run. They want and need to practice! Why should I stop that? I want to help them practice in every way possible!

Lots of energy burning activities -- physical activities for toddlers

I’m curious, as a parent, I wonder if I’d know what gross motor activities are. I know what they are now, because I’ve been in this world of educators while I’ve been blogging about our activities. but before that, I wonder if I’d know. Do you know what I mean when I say gross motor?

Gross motor activities are physical activities for kids to move in a big way. They use their big muscles. When they run, jump, twirl, skip, hop, climb, that’s all gross motor. They’re very physical activities.

So that’s what this list is — a list of physical activities for toddlers to move in big ways: jumping, walking, spinning, climbing, and all of that! Since toddlers have just learning to move in general, these are the beginning stages for them (a jumping game that requires a toddler to actually get off the ground is probably off limits as most toddlers will probably only make it to their tippy toes)!

Get the Gross Motor Go-To List here

Here are 20 of those physical activities for toddlers to let their energy loose!

  1. Walk on pillows.
  2. Make a road in the house.
  3. Paint big! Its fun and easy. Roll a ball to paint.
  4. Make a simple balance beam to walk along.
  5. Its a balancing act, different from the balance beam. – I Can Teach  My Child
  6. Go dumpster diving.
  7. Fabric scaps. Tissue paper scraps. Wrapping paper scraps. They’ll love it all. It usually leads to running around with them.
  8. Save bubble wrap. Make a road to pop.
  9. Roll down hills.
  10. Do a simple scavenger hunt.
  11. Or head outside for a fun nature scavenger hunt they can do.
  12. Play newspaper basketball.
  13. Try these three games for toddlers to throw a ball. – Moms Have Questions Too
  14. Play balloon badminton.
  15. Stomp and catch! – I Can Teach My Child
  16. Set up a fun obstacle course, great for a playdate with friends. – Learn Play Imagine
  17. A simpler obstacle course inside for toddlers. – A Mom with a Lesson Plan
  18. Simplify older kid games for toddlers, like hopscotch. – Tutus and Tea Parties
  19. Instead of tripping over all the stuffed animals, make a stuffed animal run instead. – In Lieu of Preschool
  20. Now, go paint the town red! Okay, how about clear with some water instead?

As you can see, these physical activities are simple for toddlers to do! They’re not all that difficult to set up and get toddlers moving when they have lots of energy to burn.

While these are not just physical activities for toddlers, these 50 toddler activities are great to keep them busy too!

Physical activities for toddlers with lots of energy

More physical activities for toddlers and all kids:

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