Paper, Paint & Vehicles


[After two other failed crafty attempts today.]

Henry created this piece of art:


While I was getting supper on the table, I handed him a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper.

Color of his choice: Green.

Poured some washable paint in a container. And gave him his green paintbrush.

[A couple of months ago, Henry and I bought this basting brush together, I told him it would be for him to paint with. He has been so excited to use it, and talked about it for a long time. I completely forgot about it until today.  His excitement returned!]


I set out a couple of vehicles for Henry to drive through the paint.

[note: I only set out a couple, notice the amount Henry added himself.]



The poor backhoe had more than a day’s work.

Henry [or Big Grandpa, according to Henry] was digging trenches in the paint.

[Notice where the paper ends.]


I kind of like the art that was made on the vehicles.

It was entertaining and messy.

I got supper on the table.

Henry created this piece of art. I think it will go in the frame.


This piece of art was also made on the play table.

[Thank you Crayola for washable paints.]

All the vehicles ended up in the bath tonight.


[Lots of posts have given me the idea to have little boys use their vehicles with paint and make tracks. Most recently, I saw it at cows go moo and ducks go quack.]


Henry is 3 years old.

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  1. Alicia Stucky says

    We do so many planned projects around here that sometimes I forget the best oppurtunities to be truely creative still come from a good old blank sheet of paper. Yesterday for instance, we scultped something very specific for part of a bigger project, but my son decided to stray from the activity and build something of his own. When he was done, he told me it was a "candy station" and he played with it all day! :-)

  2. OneMommy says

    I absolutely love all your ideas! My son loves cars, and last time I tried painting with him he kept licking the brush (he isn't 2 yet). but I bet he'd love this! I'm so glad I follow you through email!

  3. Angelyn says

    I've seen this idea in a couple of different blogs, but I've been a little skeptical.. the idea of getting paint on toys and not paint brushes/sponges made me cringe!But I'm starting to open up to the idea; you're right thank goodness for washable paint! That art does deserve a frame, I love it =]

  4. jaime says

    I loved this post so much I set my son up with paint and vechicles. He ended up painting his cars and trucks:-) I am doing a post on it and am giving a link back to you for the inspiration for our activity. thanks for sharing-Jaime-frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

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