Painting with Kids

They love it, you get something to display, and its just plain fun! Why not do it? It can sometimes get boring with a regular ol' paintbrush, so dig out some odds and ends [really whatever you find!] and paint with it today! Have fun!

Check out the giant list of painting tools, methods and recipes for you to try.

Rainbow sponge painting is super cool!

Rainbow Sponge Painting is Super Cool!

Kids of all ages will think that rainbow sponge painting is super cool! Girls, boys, toddlers, preschoolers, this is a magical way to make a rainbow!

Decorate a Christmas tree by painting with caps

Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ella’s Kitchen Baby Food Pouch Caps

The boys decorated a simple Christmas tree craft by painting with, our sponsor, Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps. I am incredibly excited to be partnering with Ella’s Kitchen this month to give you some fun holiday crafts, that are easy to make, fun to give to family, and great for creating memories with your […]


Finger Painting with Baby Food While Creating Memories

You can paint with babies! Painting with baby food is a great way to introduce painting to babies! When George was little, we did a little sensory play with baby food, and he also made tape resist letters with edible finger paint that I made. All very special memories I have of him as a baby… It’s the season […]

A Big Art Collection

40 ‘Big Art’ Projects for Kids!

If you’ve been around for a while, you already know I’m a fan of Big Art. It seems makes doing art projects with kids and even toddlers [and even boys] manageable. For those of you that are new to this term that I’ve made up: Big Art is art that makes you be involved in […]