Make a Tin Can Forest for Outdoor Pretend Play

Henry and I made a real forest with upcycled tin cans, tree branches and a few plants. Henry loves picking up sticks at Grandma’s house. So that’s just what he did. While he added the biggest branches he could find to Grandma’s twig pile, I gathered some small sticks for our project. I snapped the branches to […]

Outdoor Play : Firewood Sculpture

Henry got to camp overnight with Grandma and Grandpa last weekend. We joined them for the night for fire-cooked pizzas and s’mores. Before building the fire, a giant stack of firewood was begging to be played with. Henry and I began to build a sculpture. [Mostly assembled by myself, with Henry's assistance.] Balancing the firewood […]


Playtime Series : Quirky Momma

———— Meet Rachel from Quirky Momma! [This is part three in a series of features on the play based hosts of It's Playtime!] ———— From toddler play, to preschool crafts to fun snacks for kids, Quirky Momma is full of fun learning activities! The mom behind the blog is Rachel. She’s a fun-loving Momma of four kids with two more on […]


It’s Playtime! : Gardening

My Mom, Henry and I planted our garden last week. I’m curious how Henry will react when he sees the first seedlings of peas. Or when the pumpkins are large enough to carve! And when we can make cucumber salad with fresh, from the garden, cucumbers. The experience ofgrowing a garden to a preschooler has […]

Letter Learning Activity with the ABC Mat!

Using an ABC Mat and ABC Blocks, a letter learning activity is formed! Letting Henry lead the way, we put the ABC mat together in order of the ABC’s and 123’s. He used his hammer to pound in each of the letters to their corresponding blocks. Once the mat was together, we gathered our Melissa and Doug […]

Outdoor Play : Gardening

A garden has been on my to do list for many summers. Finally this summer, we got one planted. Thanks to my mom. The weather we’ve had this last week has been perfect! It’s been so great to be outdoors! Henry didn’t get into it as much as I had hoped he would with the […]


Thank You : Sponsor Spotlight

I want to give a huge thank you to Fudoo Boards for sponsoring me. Fudoo Boards is a fun, interactive way to learn about and maintain healthy eating habits as well as a healthy lifestyle! ——————— I also want to thank my blog friends by giving a shout out to my top ten referring blogs for May. […]


It’s Playtime! : Big Art Edition

Creating Art while sitting just doesn’t do it in this house. To get Henry the most involved [and happy while doing it], I come up with ways to make art that gets him moving as well.The best way to do this? Make the art big! The It’s Playtime posts that catch my eye the most […]


Baby Play : Block Towers

Any baby [or even preschooler] has a tendency to knock over any tower you build. George jumped right at the opportunity! Stacking up blocks at various heights, George crawled right over to plow them down. Teaching him, amidst his play, all about cause and effect. George first discovered the block towers, attempted to touch them which knocked them down and then […]


Playtime Series : Messy Kids

———— Meet Rachele from Messy Kids! [This is part two in a series of features on the play based hosts of It's Playtime!] ———— Messy Kids is a play based blog written by Rachele, and is focused on thecreative process of art.Rachele lives in San Diego and sidekicks her blog as a clown!    This canvas art […]