Fine Motor Threading with Dandelions

Fine Motor
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Fine motor activity with dandelions!

On Mother’s Day, we headed outside to pick dandelions at my mom’s house and collected them in a basket. Not doing anything in particular with them.

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

Later that week, we went outside and did the same thing again at home.

Henry thoroughly enjoys picking dandelions.
He gets excited when he finds them. He says they’re pretty.

Henry has always loved these yellow flowers.

I think most children do.
Maybe its because they’re allowed to pick them at their own free will.

Henry collected the dandelions in a green basket, and about filled it completely!

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

Once the front yard was free of dandelions, we set out to do something with these weedy flowers.

The basket of dandelions got dumped out on the sidewalk.
The basket was turned over.
The dandelions with stems attached were poked through the wire basket.

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

And the flowers were hauled with Henry’s end loader (of course).

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

There was one dandelion with an extremely long stem.
This one proved to be tricky.
Henry found the longer stems were harder to thread through the basket.

Fine motor threading using dandelions picked

Once the top of the basket was covered in dandelions, we started on the sides.
Henry didn’t find this part as interesting and he thought the dandelion hat was complete.

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

Though when I picked it up to put it on him, this is what we found:

Outdoor Play : Dandelion Picking

Henry wouldn’t let me set it on his head, he made me wear the hat instead.
(Sorry, no pictures of that!)

Here are a couple other things to do with dandelions:

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  1. Michelle says

    Very cute! We did a dandelion post last week as well! We're waiting for some that we pressed to be flat. Then I have no idea what we're going to do with them. Umm. . we really need to see the dandelion hat picture! LOL Have a great Monday!

  2. rachelle | tinkerlab says

    So cool, Jamie! And look at all those dandelions!!! This reminds me of an activity we did with pipe cleaners and a colander, but I like it with the dandelions SO much better.

  3. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Really love this idea! All our dandelions are puffs now, but we could still do something like this with all of them! You are so Creative!

  4. cathy @ NurtureStore says

    My girls *love* dandelions too. They thread them together like a daisy chain to make a crown. Another thing we've done with the seed heads is blow them onto glue spread on a 'd is for dandelion' shape.

  5. Amy says

    Thanks so much for sharing! My 2-yr-old, Noah, is exactly like Henry in his dandelion obsession! He picks every one he sees; one time he filled the whole trunk of his tricycle with them and I forgot and they turned into a huge moldy mountain…ick! Thanks for the great idea, Noah would looooove to try it and it'll keep him occupied for awhile. ;)


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